QCQ for Stevens Blacklisting 

Quotation (with page number or paragraph number or time stamp if video/audio)

“W. Thompson (2018) further notes that Instagram itself has become a “breeding ground for white women who wish to capitalize off of racially ambiguous/Black women for social and monetary gain,” pinpointing the connection between digital platforms and marketing logics which position users as economic agents.” (2)

Comment (250-500 words)

I chose to use this quote because I disagree with what is being talked about in this quote as well as the whole text. Society today especially in America tends to bring up race in nearly every subject they can to try and force an issue that doesn’t need to be. Social media now is a well known place for women to make and capitalize financially from their looks and appearance. However, I truly don’t see how this correlates in any way with race. I think the media and people like the one who wrote this text are the root of the problem. If everyone just did their own thing and minded their own business we wouldn’t have to continuously talk about these problems over and over again. The author also mentioned how white people use the black culture for likes and popularity which is false. I don’t think there is anything wrong with adopting any culture as long as you respect it. People like Kim Kardashian who try to make an example out of having an entire family with Kanye West who is a black man, who takes his culture seriously. I don’t believe that Kim would try and use that to make money or to gain attention. Issues like race can be so easily diffused if everyone just treated each other with respect and minded their own business. It’s not hard, the media just likes to blow everything out of proportion, so be careful what you read and believe online because not everyone has your best interest at heart. 


How can we find ways to diffuse problems like race?