The Day I Wrecked 

It was the middle of May and it was a perfect day outside. Not a cloud in the sky, low 70’s, and very sunny. My friend Java and I had a few cars scheduled for the day at my house so we were going to clean them all up then head to Java’s house to go eat. We were initially going to go to Java’s house both in 1 car, but I decided I wanted to take my bike to Java’s because I was wet from washing the cars. And let me tell you, I sure did make the wrong decision.

The Crash 

Javas’s house was just about 10 minutes away from mine so I didn’t think anything of it. Pulling out of my driveway Java was in his car in front of me and I was on my bike driving behind him. It stayed that way until we were about 5 minutes away from his house. We took a left then a right and there was a minivan in front of java driving extremely slow. The street we were on I knew fairly well, but not as well at high speeds. Being the young kid I am on a sportbike I sped around Java and the minivan in oncoming traffic. There was a car coming toward me that was a little too close for comfort so it forced me to swerve back into my lane before I wanted to. By then I was going about 90 mph and there was a curve coming up that I was going way too fast to take.

The Impact

Since I was going too fast for the turn I locked up my front and rear brakes and slid off the road into someone’s front lawn. On their lawn was about a small car sized boulder that I hit head on. At the time of impact I was going about 80 mph. When the front of my bike hit it launched me about 60 feet through the air. As I was in the air it felt like everything was in slow motion. Then I hit the ground hard. When I hit the ground it instantly knocked the wind out of me. I slid for about 20 feet then got up on me 2 feet numb from the amount of adrenaline in my body. I knew right away I messed up. I limped over to a tree and layed down. A bunch of cars pulled over and I told Java to look for my phone . It turns out my phone exploded on impact in my pocket and was destroyed. I had to build up the courage to call  my mom and tell her what just happened.

The Hospital 

After about 5 minute of me lying on the ground it was like a scene out of a movie. Cop cars, fire trucks, and an ambulance all pull up in a hurry. I knew I messed up my right leg, but I didn’t know how bad. I took a look over at my bike and the whole front of it was gone. My stomach dropped because I knew I totaled it. The EMT’s loaded me up on a stretcher and got me in the ambulance. Once in the ambulance they had to cut off all of my clothes to see if I had any Injuries. I had a small swipe of blood on my hand, but I couldn’t see if I was bleeding from anywhere. Then when they cut my pants off I looked down and my quad was about 4 times it’s regular size and I had bad burns from my phone blowing up in my pocket, and a large gash at the top of my thigh that didn’t look real. It was so big. I was in quite a lot of pain so the EMT’s drugged me up and it was a blur after that. I ended up needing 40 staples to close my gash, had a pretty big patch of 3rd degree burns from my phone, and tore my acl and mcl in my right knee which required surgery.