“But they feared losing face to face cultural interaction as well as the rise of false relationships, deception, stalking, and new levels of vulnerability to strangers.”

Comment (250-500 words)

I chose to use this quote because I see these problems pop up in daily life way too often. In today’s society you can see everyone of these issues if you look close enough. Today’s generation is different than any other solely on the fact of technological advances. People aren’t as social, nothing is genuine, and you always have to be paying attention or else you could get taken advantage of real quick. In my personal experience social media is always causing division forcing people to pick a side on social issues, or a controversial video. Scenarios like that are nothing, but negative because it establishes nothing, but division. On social media you only see the good side of things. No one shows the bad that’s why social media creates such unrealistic standards for some people. Instead of learning to interact face to face people have gotten too comfortable sitting behind a screen pretending to be someone they really aren’t.


Have you ever experienced any of these negative effects of social media?