Fixing the problems

While waiting for the gasket to come get delivered I also ordered a new oil filter and oil to do while my dad and I are changing the gasket. Our plan is to knock out two birds with one stone. 

Removing the gasket

As you can see in the diagram below you will need to take off 10 bolts to remove the engine cover and have access to the gasket. As you can see the gasket being replaced is labeled #2 on the diagram. Once the gasket has been changed we just need to reseal all the components together and bolt everything back together. 

Changing the oil

The oil changing process on my bike is quite simple. All that needs to be removed is one side of my fairing. Then you are able to clearly see where the oil drain plug and oil filter are located. You first need to drain the oil then replace the oil filter with a new one that is lubed with the oil. Once the filter and plug are screwed in then you just simply add new oil then start the bike and let the new oil circulate through the engine.