“Now the internet, of course, has produced both commercial and sharing economies.” 165

Comment (250-500 words)

I chose this quote because I found it interesting. The thing I found interesting is that the internet has in fact created these economies. Commercial economics is the study of economic principles and concepts used in decision-making and as such it lies on the border line of economics and business management. People can use this to gain knowledge, use it to their advantage and make financial gains from it. It also has free sharing economies like Wikipedia and a bunch of online resources where you can get knowledge for free. These economies and resources are important in a world like today because they benefit society in a lot of ways in regards to learning and getting knowledge to perform certain tasks or jobs. The internet allows for people to gain information with the click of a button which has revolutionized how people learn and gather information, compared to previous generations that had to use other more time consuming methods to get their information.


What are a few ways you use these tools in day to day life?