2022 season riding plans

The 2022 riding season is fastly approaching and I couldn’t be happier. But before the season arrives there’s many things that need to be done before the bike hits the roads. First I will need to get my bike insured, registered, and inspected. Then I will just need to do my pre season oil change, chain clean, and full detail then my 2012 Triumph Daytona 675r will be ready to hit the road.

Ride Locations

This season my dad and I have planned to go to the 2022 Bike week in Laconia, New Hampshire. Laconia Motorcycle Week is a motorcycle rally held annually in Laconia, New Hampshire, United States. The rally has its origin in the Loudon Classic motorcycle race started in 1916 and the Gypsy tour, during which many motorcyclists passed through Laconia. The scheduled events included races, shows and a motorcycle hill climb competition. The rally traditionally takes place over nine days in June, always the 2nd and 3rd full weekend. The 2022 event is due to take place from June 11 through June 19.

Laconia Motorcycle Week® (laconiamcweek.com)