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Key Takeaways- “It’s more than blogging– as instructors, we do the same work as we ask our students to do. This shifts the power dynamic of the teacher-student-relationship.”

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I chose to use this quote because I found it interesting. The thing that I found interesting was the part where teachers do the work as the students are doing as well. To me I like the idea of this because it can be beneficial to all students. Instead of the teacher just giving the class busy work to do, the teacher assigns work that the class can do as a group so everyone stays on task more and is better engaged in the lesson. I think this technique could be great in classrooms all over the world. It not only changes the teacher-student-relationship, but it also helps those who found it significantly difficult to concentrate in class before during normal boring lectures that could put anyone to sleep. By engaging with the whole class and getting everyone involved I couldn’t even say a negative thing about it. When students are in an environment where they feel comfortable and included is a recipe for success especially nowadays because ever since the pandemic classrooms are so quiet and nobody ever wants to share or raise their hand. Getting everyone engaged is an overall win for everyone and should be taught more in classrooms all over the world. 


What are ways teachers can help everyone stay engaged and help everyone be included?

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