Everything is a Remix – CMM240 A – Social Media: Theory & Practice (Spring 2022) (michaeljcripps.com)

“You might even say everything is a remix” (1:32)

Comment (250-500 words)

I chose to use this quote from the video because I find it to be true. A lot of the things you see and use everyday is just a remix of something else. There’s examples everywhere you look. For example when you look at a fast food spot like subway, chipotle, or moes, it’s all the same thing, but just remixed a little bit. Subway has the classic style custom subs, chipotle has the mexican styles customizable burrito or bowl, and moes is the same thing as chipotle, but slightly more american style. Just because they have similar ideas doesn’t necessarily mean one copied another. Each idea has its own original spin that made it successful. Same thing goes with technology products or music, there’s many ways of remixing something to make it your own without necessarily copying the original.  


Do you think remixing something could be considered copying the original if the remix makes profits?