Dealing with Problems 

About a week ago I was able to take my bike out for the first actual ride of the year. During my ride I was only trying to burn the bad gas out of it and just get a feel for the bike. For me, riding this bike feels so natural. I got two good runs in on the highway and was actually able to see what the bike could do. This is my first time riding a bike with a quickshifter, which is a device that allows you to up shift without using the clutch lever which makes the shifts way smoother and faster. After the nice highway run, I just cruised through my city for a little bit and I looked down and noticed my left shoe was surprisingly dirty for being brand new. I was wearing all white vans and this was my first time wearing them out of the box. I pulled over in a parking lot to see exactly what was on my shoe. I got off the bike and got an actual good look at my shoe and it turns out it wasn’t dirt. It was oil and it was all over my shoe and my shifter. I bent down to see if I could figure out exactly where the oil was coming from. It wasn’t enough oil to be alarmed about, but enough to know something was leaking. When something like this happens it is important to diagnose the problem as soon as possible so it doesn’t lead to anymore problems. 

Diagnosing the problem

To find out where the oil was leaking from my dad and I raised my bike up on a bike stand. I noticed oil starting to squirt out of the alternator cover once the bike reached high speed which usually means that the gasket was either leaking or the cover was loose. After tightening the cover back down we did the speed test again and oil continued to come out of the alternator cover which told us the answer we were looking for. The gasket was bad. The alternator gasket seals the alternator and keeps oil circulating in the right places. Luckily the gasket that needed to be replaced was only $20. 

Why leaking oil can be hazardous

Leaking oil on your bike, especially when you are riding can be extremely dangerous. If oil gets on your rear tire while riding it can easily cause you to slide out and crash. After my test drive to diagnose the oil leak I noticed that there was oil on the rear tire, which is not safe at all. It’s important to check your tires for any hazardous things that could lead you to crash.