Getting back on a bike

After crashing everyone’s immediate reaction was that I was never going to get another bike. I never saw the logic in that because I knew exactly what I did when I crashed and I learned from it.  Little did everyone know I had a plan to get a new bike  the whole time. For me it’s not just about having a nice bike. It’s the feeling I get from it. Everyone has that one passion they could just go on and on about and mine is bikes and going fast. When I’m riding all the noise goes away, it’s just my bike, the road, and me.

First Ride Back 

After buying my bike I had to put it in a storage unit so nobody would know that I had it. If my mom found out she would kill me. I had it there for about a month then on one of the recent warm days I got a chance to take my new bike out for a ride. There was a little snow still melting, so the roads weren’t ideal, but nevertheless it was amazing. It was the highlight of my whole February. It felt like I never stopped riding. Just the sound of the bike and feeling it rev just put a huge smile on my face. 

Taste of spring 

Ever since the day of my surgeries I’ve just been looking forward to next summer. Because of my injuries I missed out on a lot of my previous summer as I was bed ridden for 2 of the 3 summer months. This spring and summer is a chance to make a bunch of memories I couldn’t have last year. A big part of those will most definitely be my bike. Whenever I get the chance you better believe I’ll be ripping 160 on the highway somewhere around New England.

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